Little Girl in Underland 1.0 for Windows 10


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Little Girl in Underland is full of black humor and grotesque adventure game, parodying the famous tale Fri Alice in Wonderland. The new version not only is hilarious, the additive is happening in Russia. You play here in the title "little girl" whose task will be to carry out the tasks assigned to PRZE mysterious, a talking cat. Following the example of the original, we will chase the white rabbit, drink potions that will zoom out of the body (in this case, drink a pint of beer). Similar references are many, so people familiar with the book or video about Alice's certainly not skip them without a smile on his face. Little Girl in Underland is a fun, entertaining proposition, with which you can have a good time.     Minimum requirements:  Processor: Unknown  RAM: No data  Graphics card: No data  Free hard disk space: Not available  Sound Card: No data